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Archive for the ‘Vintage’ Category

Meet Shakira

June 22nd, 2012

So I picked up this display mannequin yesterday for a whopping $75 (can you believe it!?).  And I asked my Facebook friends what they thought I should name her.

I got a ton of responses like Bessie Mae, Tess, Ivory, Coco Chanel, Gladys, Manda, Mona, Bare Beauty, Stella, and Vintage Victoria.  But one stood out.  My friend, Erica, suggested I name her Shakira because she guessed that her hips don’t lie.  I laughed so hard when I read her comment!  So Shakira is it!

PS – Erica just got married this weekend (congrats to her and Ryan!) and I did her Save the Dates and Invitations – here’s a look at how the invites came out :)

So the reason I picked up Miss Shakira was so I could get petty pictures of these lovely vintage items for my vintage shop Rhea’s Modern Vintage.  Modeled by my lovely sister and cousin, of course :D

Ellen Tracey Company Vintage Orange Summer Jacket

Vintage Black Polka Dot Tulle Evening Gown with Belt

Vintage Pierre Cardin Silk Dress with Belt

1970′s Retro House Coat

Vintage Joanie Char Two Piece Dress

Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg Long Sleeve Dress

Vintage Robert David Morton Lace Long Sleeved Evening Gown

Vintage Miss Elliot Black and White Polka Dot Dress

Vintage Mistee Mushroom Print Zip Up Dress

Aren’t they beautiful!?

Well that’s what I’ve been up to this week :)  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Can’t wait to finish up some other LARGE projects to share with you next week!

More Vintage Pretties!

March 23rd, 2012

Just wanted to share some new lovely vintage accessories that I added to my etsy shop,  Rhea’s Modern Vintage!

The belts are just stunning – and all in almost perfect condition!  I’m going to be adding some more accessories and shoes this weekend – you will die when you see them!

I’ll be back tomorrow to (hopefully) share with you the top that I’ll be entering in the Spring Top Sewalong 2012!  Have a great day!

Rhea’s Modern Vintage

March 20th, 2012

I recently became acquainted with a lovely couple who was in the process of clearing out and refurbishing a home for their Aunt Rhea.  It turns out that the house was just filled with amazing clothes and accessories dating back to the 1960′s!  However, the couple found themselves in a small dilemma: they didn’t want to simply give away their aunt’s beautiful possessions, but they also didn’t know how to go about selling them.  So they enlisted my help.  And over the past few months I have been helping to sort, price out and sell locally some of these items.

But before I show you some of her prized possessions, I’d like to share a short bio on Rhea:

Rhea Leib was born in 1916 and spent her childhood years in the village of Paxtang, PA where her father was the proprietor of a general store on the main street. She watched that street change from a wide dirt road crowded with horses and wagons into the busy paved thoroughfare of today.

Rhea spent her life in the Harrisburg area and upon her marriage became very involved in Harrisburg society. She was a well known member of both the Harrisburg and Hershey Country Clubs. She was a gourmet cook who loved to entertain. She also loved to shop and bought her fashionable clothes at upscale stores like Mary Sachs, Donecker’s, Fellers and others that have now faded away.

She dressed in style every day whether she was going out on the town or spending time at home, and always wore her trademark high heels. She is still a very fashionable senior lady whose style continues to draw appreciative glances from a much more casual generation.

Today, I decided to clear out all of the winter items I had on our etsy page, Rhea’s Modern Vintage.  And over the next few days I will be uploading spring items – to start, SUNGLASSES!

Here’s a few of the many vintage beauties I listed today -

Like I said, over the next few weeks I will be adding much more to the shop (clothes, shoes, and more accessories!).  And once or twice a week I will feature some new additions here at Blueprint Crafts.

At $5 a piece – these sunglasses are a steal!  Better get them before they’re gone!  Be sure to visit Rhea’s Modern Vintage today!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

May 23rd, 2011

I know that turning a vintage mason jar into a soap dispenser is nothing new to the crafting world.  But, I’ve always wanted to do this, and have held on to mason jars just for this very reason, so I figured I would include it in the New to You series.

All you need is:

  • Large Soap Dispenser w/ Pump – you can pick one of these up at the dollar store for $1.
  • Mason Jar w/ Lid – you can find these at thrift stores, or certain spaghetti sauce companies (like Classico) still jar their sauces in Bell or Atlas mason jars.
  • Drill with large drill bit.
  • Pliers
  • Sand Paper
  • Acrylic Paint and Sponge Brush

I had all of these supplies just laying around my house, so this project was completely free for me!

First, you need to select your soap dispenser, and make sure that it is approximately the same height as your mason jar.  I had this one in my bathroom, with another hiding under my sink.

Yeah, pretty gross.  It was time for a new dispenser, lol.

Go ahead and unscrew the pump from the bottle, and clean it.  Or, if it’s new, just rinse it off.

My mason jar still had some label stuck to it, so if yours is clean you can skip this next step.  But for those with bits of paper still stuck to the sides, fill your sink with hot water and let your jar soak for about 10 minutes.

After letting it soak, you should easily be able to remove the left over label and glue by simply rubbing off with a wash cloth.

All clean!

Now it’s time to make a whole in the lid of your jar, so start by screwing the lid back onto your mason jar.  Take your drill and the largest drill bit and drill a hole in the center of the lid.  Then, using your pliers, pull the sides of the hole  back until the base of your pump fits snug into it.

Now that your pump fits properly, remove it so that you can paint the lid a pretty color.  But before painting, take your sandpaper and rough up the surface of the top and sides of the lid.  Towel off the lid to get any residue off, and paint.

I used an acrylic paint in a soft purple color, and applied 3 coats for even color.

Once your paint is dry, pour your soap into the dispenser, screw the lid back onto the jar, pop your pump into the lid, and VOILA!

You have a new vintage inspired mason jar soap dispenser!

Much better than that crusty old dispenser!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to tune in on Wednesday for a guest post for the New to You series from Emily at The Rubber Punkin!

Until next time!

DIY Flour Sack Pillows

May 4th, 2011

Aren’t these pillows AMAZING?  They remind me of Pottery Barn!

And I loooove the color combo with the chair.  Head over to The Rubber Punkin to see her fabulous new tutorial for the New to You series!